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Software developers know that having the source code to a program or software library available greatly enhances their ability to debug and extend the tool, and that distributed communities of motivated volunteers can create extraordinarily useful tools and products. Patriot Computing products are based on the latest stable versions of open source products designed to boost your software developers' productivity, including both software development tools and software libraries.

Development tools such as software revision control are a must in today's software development environment. Even developers working alone on single-person projects extol the advantages of revision control. Using a revision control systems such as PatriotSVN gives programmers a "safety net" to be able to make drastic changes on a branch or in a working directory, knowing that they can always revert to the latest working version of the code if necessary. It provides a continuous change history, enabling a developer to see exactly when which changes were made, and by whom in a multi-developer environment. It enables geographically distributed teams of developers to cooperate on a project as if they were in the same room. Other tools such as Patriot Continuous Integration further strengthen this safety net by automatically notifying developers when they have broken previously-working code, or when they have made changes on one platform that fail to compile or function properly on another platform.

Leveraging from peer-reviewed, debugged, and externally-maintained developer libraries provides today's software developers with an amazing productivity boost. Long gone are the days when most developers need to write their sorting routines, collections structures, smart pointers for improved memory management, or XML parsing routines. Being able to get these capabilities, to say nothing about complex image processing or CAD geometry capabilities, let's a company's developers focus on the core needs of their application rather that being concerned with infrastructure code that has already been written and debugged by others. Every Patriot Computing product ships with complete source code, so developers never have to guess how a routine is functioning "behind the scenes", but can step right into our libraries while debugging their own programs.

Patriot Computing fully embraces and complies with the various open source licensing requirements of each of the underlying codes upon which our products are based, and voluntarily contributes a portion of all revenues, before expenses, to the authors and organizations that develop and maintain the underlying software.