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Patriot Computing

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Patriot Computing products boost software developer productivity while providing the assurance and security that corporate and government IT managers demand.

Patriot Computing utilizes a carefully-developed set of processes to ensure that the software products we provide meet our customers' requirements for productivity, security, and reliability. Our products are compiled from scanned and inspected source code on stand-alone computers that are never connected to the internet, rigorously tested, and then shipped to users in CD or DVD media form.

Products by Functional Area

Revision Control

Patriot Subversion

The Patriot build of the Subversion 1.4.6 server enables geographically distributed teams to coordinate their software development efforts while using username- and password-based HTTPS encryption to limit access to legitimate team members. The Patriot Subversion server can be configured to allow any Subversion client with the appropriate username and password to connect, or it can be configured to only allow Patriot Subversion clients such as PatriotSVN.


The Patriot build of TortoiseSVN 1.4.8, a valuable revision control software tool that integrates seamlessly into the Windows Explorer shell. PatriotSVN can communicate with a Subversion or Patriot Subversion revision control server to enable your entire team to coordinate in software or document development, irrespective of geographic boundaries. (This product is available only for the Windows operating system.)

Source Code Documentation

Patriot Code Documenter

Build System

Patriot Make

Continuous Integration & Test

Patriot Continuous Integration

Foundation Libraries

Patriot Boost

Patriot Computing introduces the Patriot build of Boost 1.34.1, including many of the collections, smart pointers, and file system abstractions being incorporated into the upcoming C++ TR1 and TR2 standards.

Patriot XML

Incorporating XML parsing often adds a major framework or complex library dependency to your code. Not so with Patriot XML, the Patriot build of TinyXML. Patriot XML is a very small standalone library with a DOM parsing interface and no additional library dependencies whatsoever. Now you don't have to think twice before adding XML inputs to your C++ application.

3D Graphics

Patriot Scene Graph

Image Processing & Computer Vision

Patriot VXL

The Patriot build of VXL 1.10.0, VXL provides libraries for reading and writing a dazzling variety of image formats, as well performing image processing and computer vision functions. Methods and algorithms included range from matrix manipulation to numeric optimization to optical flow computation and image feature tracking.

CAD Libraries

Patriot Cascade

Patriot Netgen



Patriot Developer Pack

This product includes:

Patriot 3d Pack

This product includes:

Patriot Server Pack

This product includes:



Software Maintenance & Support

Annual maintenance subscriptions can be purchased for 30% of the product purchase price, entitling the customer to upgrades to any new versions of the products that are released, and entitling the customer to two annual technical support incidents.

Software Consulting

Consulting services can be purchased on an hourly basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs and costs.

Deployment, Installation, and Customization

Patriot Subversion and Patriot Continuous Integration are powerful productivity tools that can improve your team's productivity and improve the quality of your product. There products do require time and and some expertise to install, configure, and customize for your particular site's needs. Contact us to learn how our team of experts can assist, either remotely or at your site, and ensure that you get the most out of your tools.

Custom Software Development

Complete custom software development services can be arranged as well. These services will generally be provided on an hourly labor basis, since software development requirements are seldom definable with certainty. In some cases where software requirements can be clearly defined, we can agree to software development projects on a firm-fixed-price basis.